Some Tips For Making Our Class Becoming More Fun

You really know that children are easily getting bored especially when they don’t have any good mood for learning. I guess it is really normal since they are kids and they really love making any fun and playing games. This is where the teachers need to handle the situation by providing some fun stuff for them to make. This case is easy for some teachers, but it is not for a new teacher like me. At first, I am having some problems on controlling and boosting their mood, but now it’s already better. I have some great tips for new teacher to make our class becoming more fun and enjoyable to do.


Don’t let yourself carried out on using games because your class would be pretty loud and out of control. It might be too annoying for other class to be concentrate, so be aware. I personally love doing any game, but at the right moment. Game is pretty good since kids love it and seeing them pretty into is really great. You could do some games in one a week and twice a week. You could even promise them some fun stuff if they behave in good manner at the class. This thing would make themselves motivated and it’s great for a teacher.

Outdoor Activity

This is my top solution when our class is getting really bored with the old material. Sometimes we really need to modify our material to be more interested. This is what I do by doing some outdoor activities such as gardening and doing experiments. One thing that you must to learn is preparing the right stuff for making it fun. Don’t get stuck with it and ask your children to make it together.

Make An Interactive Class

You don’t always have to stand in the front of them and making them taking notes all the way. It would be boring and that is normal for them to be bored. You could make it more interesting by providing some other materials such as diagram or anything that makes them interested on you. Using blackboard is good, but not too effective in some good ways.

Relate The Content

You could start by relating the material with their lives. They would start imagining it and they would easily get into with it. All of materials are possible to be related with anything. Relating number with jobs is kind of good example for it.

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