How To Motivate Our Children

One of the hardest things for teacher to do is motivating their children. Children are pretty active and sometimes could be really unmotivated to do anything. By providing them any normal lesson or some sorts of activities might be not interested and sometimes get them more unmotivated. There would be some extra treatments that you have to do to make it better. I personally not really good for this case, but I am going to share my experience on how I treat all of them. So I hope you are enjoying seeing of my thought on it.

Giving Them Freedom To Choice

We as a teacher does not need to make them pretty strict with the lesson and sometimes we need to give them more freedom on choosing the right material that they want to learn. By doing this thing they would really motivate since it’s the one that they like. Giving freedom did not mean you’re losing the control of your material, but you just have to make some adjustment on your lesson.

Making The Class Better

Classroom is a good place for learning and sharing anything with your student. Plain classroom is already too normal and we have to make it better for making motivated to learn. Ask them to make some interested stuff and then place it or you can even use some ornaments to make the class looks more beautiful than before.

Use More Varied Experiences

Don’t use the same way to explain different thing again and again because not all of students are able to accept it. For example on this week you are using some games on your material and means that you have to prepare other stuff such as videos to make the material more varied and not stuck in the same way. Don’t be lazy teacher because it’s going to be bad for you and your children.

Give Rewards

This is not must to do, but sometimes could be a life saver for me. Do it on some rarely cases are good for motivating them. The price itself Is not mean to be that big, but we just have to prepare some interesting stuff that student love it.

Children sometimes could be so confusing in some cases. It takes time to learn every character. Takes your time and just do it slowly. Don’t push yourself on getting huge expectations because it would be bad for your future. Hope my thought are able to help you on solving your problem and please make any comment If you have some questions.

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