Plant Based Protein Is Better?

There is not anything wrong with plant based and animal based protein. Each of them are having their own benefit which needed for our health. But sometimes we just really want to know which one is better and not.  Sometimes we just want to know more about something and that is why I decide to make this article, to know which one is better.  Here I am going to talk about the comparable between plant and animal based protein.

This is always becoming a very hot topic among the people. Some people said that meat protein is better for some reasons while there are also more people said that plant protein is better for many reasons.  Everyone is having their opinion about it, we really have to know that plant based protein s better than animal based protein. I cannot just say it because of my personal opinion, but there are so many researchers are talking about it.  So, let’s find out the more information about it to see if it’s true or not for this case.

Which One Is Better?

I have said that plant based protein is better and it is really true because eating too much meat would causing some harmful to our body because creates some acidic content which is pretty serious for our health. This is the main reason why heart disease and cancer could easily attack of our body.  There are many other problems such as kidney, bones and other problems that waiting for you.

But on the other hand, we would to accept that plant protein is not containing everything that you need since plant protein is not that complete.  For example here, our body is really need amino acids which cannot be produce by our body.  We really need an optimal amino acids for getting better health. So where do we get it? One of the best ways on getting that protein is taking it from some sources like meat, fish, eggs which are considered as the animal based protein.

Plant based is pretty safe to be consumption because it does not have any serious thing on it. They mostly contain of alkaline which is more suitable for our body.  You have to know that they are not only containing nutrient, but you also going to find that they are containing so much of fibers and many other good things.

Both of them are great and having their own benefit that we need to have. So do I have to choose between two of them? The answer is no because we have to make it balance.  You would soon know how good it is when you lack any of them. I have tried to consume only plant based protein and it is not that good like that I thought before.  I thought I am able to live it, but the answer is no.

Plant Based Protein Is More Than Enough?

The plant based protein is more than enough as the source of our energy as long as we take it very serious, but it is only work for some people.  This case is very true because there are so many vegetarians that could live very healthy and even better than us because of this reason. They eat enough calories and protein and that is more than enough for our body.

Well, it does not mean that you have to stop eating some meats. I always eat it every week during of my week by using of my best propane smoker.  I just do not eat it too much for everyday because it would be bad.  Here, you just to eat something which is good for your body. If you think that plant based protein is bad for yourself, then do not do it. You are the one who decide which is good or not. As long as you stick with it, I guess you would be okay.

Final Thought

I have to say that none of them are better.  I need to say it is wrong if there is person who says that plant based or animal based protein is good enough.  It might be possible, but majority of people are not able to do it. I have made some researches on it and it is proven to be true.  The main reason why I made this article because there are so many of people asking for it, they have lack some information from it and it would be pretty nice to have this article as the guidance. I hope this article could help you on getting the right information about it.   You could leave any of your suggestion or experience about this case.  We will happy to share your experience and put it on our blog as the source of information.



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How To Motivate Our Children

One of the hardest things for teacher to do is motivating their children. Children are pretty active and sometimes could be really unmotivated to do anything. By providing them any normal lesson or some sorts of activities might be not interested and sometimes get them more unmotivated. There would be some extra treatments that you have to do to make it better. I personally not really good for this case, but I am going to share my experience on how I treat all of them. So I hope you are enjoying seeing of my thought on it.

Giving Them Freedom To Choice

We as a teacher does not need to make them pretty strict with the lesson and sometimes we need to give them more freedom on choosing the right material that they want to learn. By doing this thing they would really motivate since it’s the one that they like. Giving freedom did not mean you’re losing the control of your material, but you just have to make some adjustment on your lesson.

Making The Class Better

Classroom is a good place for learning and sharing anything with your student. Plain classroom is already too normal and we have to make it better for making motivated to learn. Ask them to make some interested stuff and then place it or you can even use some ornaments to make the class looks more beautiful than before.

Use More Varied Experiences

Don’t use the same way to explain different thing again and again because not all of students are able to accept it. For example on this week you are using some games on your material and means that you have to prepare other stuff such as videos to make the material more varied and not stuck in the same way. Don’t be lazy teacher because it’s going to be bad for you and your children.

Give Rewards

This is not must to do, but sometimes could be a life saver for me. Do it on some rarely cases are good for motivating them. The price itself Is not mean to be that big, but we just have to prepare some interesting stuff that student love it.

Children sometimes could be so confusing in some cases. It takes time to learn every character. Takes your time and just do it slowly. Don’t push yourself on getting huge expectations because it would be bad for your future. Hope my thought are able to help you on solving your problem and please make any comment If you have some questions.

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Some Tips For Making Our Class Becoming More Fun

You really know that children are easily getting bored especially when they don’t have any good mood for learning. I guess it is really normal since they are kids and they really love making any fun and playing games. This is where the teachers need to handle the situation by providing some fun stuff for them to make. This case is easy for some teachers, but it is not for a new teacher like me. At first, I am having some problems on controlling and boosting their mood, but now it’s already better. I have some great tips for new teacher to make our class becoming more fun and enjoyable to do.


Don’t let yourself carried out on using games because your class would be pretty loud and out of control. It might be too annoying for other class to be concentrate, so be aware. I personally love doing any game, but at the right moment. Game is pretty good since kids love it and seeing them pretty into is really great. You could do some games in one a week and twice a week. You could even promise them some fun stuff if they behave in good manner at the class. This thing would make themselves motivated and it’s great for a teacher.

Outdoor Activity

This is my top solution when our class is getting really bored with the old material. Sometimes we really need to modify our material to be more interested. This is what I do by doing some outdoor activities such as gardening and doing experiments. One thing that you must to learn is preparing the right stuff for making it fun. Don’t get stuck with it and ask your children to make it together.

Make An Interactive Class

You don’t always have to stand in the front of them and making them taking notes all the way. It would be boring and that is normal for them to be bored. You could make it more interesting by providing some other materials such as diagram or anything that makes them interested on you. Using blackboard is good, but not too effective in some good ways.

Relate The Content

You could start by relating the material with their lives. They would start imagining it and they would easily get into with it. All of materials are possible to be related with anything. Relating number with jobs is kind of good example for it.

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Ideas L Shaped Gaming Desk Ergonomically

I know that playing game is one of an interesting thing to refresh our mind. For the gamer, playing game is better than hanging out with friends. I know that every gamer wants to get the ergonomic gaming desk. With the detail of ergonomic game desk, they could play their game comfortably. Here, I want to show how l shaped gaming desk to make it more ergonomic. It is just a simple way for you. See some details below.

Finding natural posture
Gaming Desk ErgonomicallyThe very first important thing in shaping gaming desk is finding the natural posture. Well, the natural posture of you will influence the comfortable sense you will get in playing your favorite game. For me, just imagine that you are sitting in your car. Please underline some matters, such as the position of your feet, the position of your hand and the condition of your shoulder. When you feel comfort, of course it is the natural posture of you. Please be selective to choose the height of table and chair.

Placement of keyboard and mouse
After shaping your natural posture in sitting in front of the computer desk, the other important matter in the way l shaped gaming desk is placing the keyboard and mouse. Here, I use the 1 to 2 inches of keyboard above the thighs. Alternatively, here you could lower your desk to find the best position. The best position of the keyboard and mouse actually is in the shoulder-distance apart, so you are easy to reach the two of it.

Position of screen
The position of the screen will influence how ergonomic your computer desk is. In shaping gaming desk, you need to be selective in positioning the screen of you. To get the best arrangement, please underline the distance of your screen with your sitting position. Arrange based on your natural posture. Besides, you also need to think about the height of the screen. Here, I use the ergo trick by close my eye to determine its height. The last, see the angle of it. The angle also will influence the comfort when you see the screen.

Adjust the chair
Well, another important thing that I use in shaping the game desk is adjusting the chair. Talking about gaming chair, here the shape is one of the most important thing. Think back to get the natural posture in adjusting the chair. Then, also think about the length of chair to improve the comfort of your sitting position. Don’t forget to find the chair with the best material. It will be nice for you to use the soft material one.

Well, there are some matters, which are important when l shaped gaming desk. By considering some matters as above, I am sure that you will have the ergonomic game desk, which will increase the sense when you are playing your favorite game. Don’t forget to see the detail material of desk and chair for higher comfortable sense.

How To Choose Best PC Gaming Desks

For the lover of game, it is important to think about their game desk. Yes, the comfortable game desk will influence the sense in playing game. In the market now, we are able to see some kinds of the great gaming desk with some special details. Of course, the kinds of it will make you are free to choose the best desk, as you want. However, what is the consideration in choosing it? Here, we will talk about some considerations, which you could use in choosing PC gaming desks.

Desk shape
To find the best PC gaming desks, it is important for you to see the shape of the desk. Yes, the shape of the desk will influence the sense of your playing game. There are many kinds of the shape of the desk in the market. Here, when you want to get the simple desk, the square desk could be the choice. It is also important for you to compare the shape and the size of the desk with the large of your room. Having bigger desk in small room is not recommended.

Storage and surface
Well, considering the storage and the surface of the gaming desk is also important, especially when you want to have the neat gaming desk. The storage of the desk could be used to keep some foods or your data in playing game. Besides, the surface of the gaming desk will give the good looking of PC gaming desks. By the good looking of the surface, I am sure that playing game will be more interesting. Be creative in decorating the gaming desk!

Construction and quality
Another matter, which is also needed to be considered in choosing the gaming desk, is the construction and quality. I am sure that you want to have the high quality product for your gaming desk. Well, of course you need to see the material of it. One of the good material for the best PC gaming desks is the laminate. Yes, the laminate is one of the popular material for gaming desk because it is affordable and durable. In other hand, here you also could consider metal and steel for the other material.

In other hand, never forget to see the construction of the gaming desk. The quality will be influence with the detail of the construction. The well construction will deliver the strong table. See the drawer and the detail of staples or glue. Don’t forget to examine the corner and the desk of desk you are buying. Make sure that there is nothing fraying there. It is nice when you choose gaming desk with famous brand to make sure about quality.

Well, based on some explanations above, here we could see that there are some considerations, which you need to know in choosing the PC gaming desks. By the well gaming desk, I am sure that playing game will be more interesting every day. Be selective in choosing it. Make comparison in some products.


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The Simple Ways to Makes the Students Love Reading

Some people say that reading is the difficult habit to do especially for students. If the teachers ask the students to read a book or material for the class, the students may feel lazy because for some students reading makes them feel sleepy. However, as a teacher, if you want to make your students love reading, you should have some powerful strategies.

Let Your Students Choose Books They Like to Read

The first way you have to know as the teacher is to know the books which are liked by your students. To make your students love reading, they should like the material, for example, one may like to read a short story, the other may love to read the novel, and others may like the comic. Let your students choose what they like to read is the best choice. You should ask your students to have the different book each week.

On the other hand, you may also introduce several great literary works such as Great Gatsby, Of Mice and Men, Moby Dick, Scarlet Latter, and so forth. Those novels and short stories have the interesting stories. Reading their favorite books may increase the interest of reading books. This is the best way that should be tried by some teachers to make their students love reading, and reading can be the interesting hobby.

Making the Impressive Class Room Library

The next way to increase the interest of students to love reading is by making the impressive class room library. Every week you ask your students to read a book that they like, and they should submit it in the class room. The books can be used for the class room library. The other student may interest to read the book from his or her friend. The library can be used to increase their favorite book.

The ways to make students love reading can be used for increasing their interest in the reading books. Those ways can be applied for your class room.

Reading in Class Daily

In the class room you may ask your students to read daily because it can improve the reading skill. By the habit, your students will habitually love reading. As the teacher you may ask your students to have certain time in the home. Read what books that they want to read. The interesting book cause students love to read books and so forth. By having the habitual reading, it will help your students to increase their interest to love reading. Those ways above can be used for your tips to make your students love reading more and more.

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